woensdag 21 november 2012


EDIT: Als jullie onlangs nog een kijkje hebben genomen op mijn 'school'-blog, dan kan deze post je gruwelijk bekend voorkomen. Maar ik vond hem echt wel leuk. Dus zet ik hem hier ook even. In het Engels, ja. Omdat veel mensjes me dat al gevraagd hebben, en omdat ik deze gewoon in het Engels heb getypt en te lui was om het te vertalen. En omdat het gewoon papschool-Engels is, en jullie - slimme mensjes - het wel zullen begrijpen. En omdat dit gewoon vreselijk stom klinkt in het Nederlands. Daarom. En binnenkort zijn de postjes weer gewoon in onze eigen stomme moedertaal, wees gerust. Love you guys. <3

Just because I like LotR, WoW, old metal bands and reading, doesn't mean I don't like pretty guys. Not at all. I know my boyfriend will forgive me this, because these guys are just hot for everyone. Even for him.

Shane Dawson. Oh my. Oh, you don't know him? Shame on you. Everybody knows Shane Dawson. I superluv you, Shane. If you get this, you're awesome.

Rrrr, rawtch. Josh. Thecomputernerd01. Njum. I know this guy for like forever, since I was a little kid. And I never stopped liking him. Or something like that. I've seen this guy growing up from a little nerd to a pretty man. I like him.

Mattg124. Okay, I admit, the photo above isn't exactly his most beautiful photo ever, but c'mon, he's cute. I don't now him for like a very long time, but I like him. He's kinda funny. His girlfriend Leda, on the pictures above, I know for a longer time. She's one of my favourite Youtubers. She's an Elf. So.

You can say what the hell you want, but this guy is freakin' hot. Oli Sykes, singer of the band Bring Me The Horizon, is just... amazing. I like the band very much, but the fact that the singer is so pretty, it makes me like them even more. I mean, he's pretty, he has a band and he's an amazing singer. What do you need more?

 These two guys. Okay, I admit, they might look a little bit gay, and the left one is actually gay. But I like them. They have a band, Blood On The Dancefloor, and although it's not really my style, I really like their songs. So wrong, so bad, so full of sexism, but oh so funny. And they're just hot.

Oh my, the whole Asking Alexandria band. I'm so in love with them <3. They come to Belgium in January, and I really want to see these guys. I mean, c'mon. I start to drool with these guys.

Ronnie Radke. Do I need to say more?

Oh. Almost all the LotR-characters. <3

And ofcourse the Harry Potter club. <3

There are so many bands out here with so many pretty guys in it, that if I would mention them all I would be busy until tomorrow evening and these post will be so long I could eat it, and all the drool on my computer wouldn't be so funny. So yeah. I have to go study right now, but I'm going to paste here a few pictures with some handsome guys. So yeah. You actually can drool your computer under now.

Black Veil Brides.


Green Day.

Pierce The Veil.

Just a random guy, from Catching your Clouds.

Christian Novelli, from TouchTheSkyFilms. My favourite male YT'er ever. <3

Merlin and Arthur. <3
And last but definitly not least. Kurt Cobain. We miss you. <3
Kisses. <3

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  1. Dankje voor je lieve reactie! Ik heb hier niet zoveel verstand van haha, maar ik kan wel zeggen dat ik die Josh extreem handsome vind!

  2. thanks for sharing, cute guys but i don't like guys with piercing... i want neat guy!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

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  15. i'm in love with this!

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  16. Huh, weird. Ik dacht dat ik hier al op had gereageerd. Niet dus, nou ja.... Ik houd van Légolas. Hij is zo, onmenselijk geweldig! En Ron, Ron Wemel. De net-niet. Vriend van een bekende, maar zelf overschaduwd door alles en iedereen. We lijken op elkaar, Ron en ik. En Kurt. Kurt, Kurt, Kurt! Volgens mij kan je daar alles over zeggen, maar hij is en blijft ongeloofeloos. Daar zijn gewoon geen woorden voor, alleen KURT COBAIN! Haha. xoxo

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  19. I think I can definitely agree with some of your choices ;) lots of good looking men on this post!


  20. Cool blog post!! There's so many good looking guys in this post.


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  24. Leuk gedaan, vind het altijd leuk om te zien wat iemands 'type' is qua jongens haha. Het zijn niet echt de jongens waar ik op zou kunnen vallen maar voor Kurt Cobain heb ik toch wel een beetje een zwak haha.